Renewal Operations

Renewal Operations

Contract renewals are an important aspect of ensuring a seamless continuity of your business. If you lose a critical team member at the wrong time, it can be devastating for your business. 


At VariaCode, we are more than just a corporate recruiter. We can help manage your contract lifecycle management of your clients, including software subscriptions and contract renewals.

Ensuring Continuous Revenue with Renewal Operations

Contract renewals are crucial for maintaining a steady revenue stream and fostering long-term relationships with your clients. At VariaCode, we specialize in providing staffing solutions that help SaaS or tech companies manage their client contract renewals effectively. Our experts work closely with your team to ensure that contracts are renewed seamlessly, subscriptions are maintained, and revenue is consistently generated.


Our renewal operations staff plays a pivotal role in your organization by: 

Working with engineers, consultants, and customer success managers to understand the utilization of services.

Developing compelling arguments and strategies for contract renewals based on service usage and client needs.

Identifying opportunities for upselling and cross-selling during the renewal process to increase revenue.

Mitigating risks associated with outdated contract terms, thereby avoiding legal issues.

The right partner defers issues due to poor talent placement:

If a hard-to-fill position for one of your main renewal managers is suddenly open, it can create a range of problems for your organization:

Interruptions in critical business operations

Weakened or lost customer relationships


Decreased trust in your brand

When VariaCode helps you to handle your contract and subscription renewals, you don’t have to worry about business interruptions caused by the departure of critical workers. 


We ensure that if an essential employee decides to leave the organization  we can start the process of filling that job ahead of time. 


As one of the premier staffing agencies in the Western Hemisphere, VariaCode has a database of commercial roles at our disposal to choose from. We can also handle staffing and hiring needs for your organization as needed.

Benefits of VariaCode Renewal Operations

Many organizations have already embraced development outsourcing to meet their in-house tech needs. Outsourcing contract renewals offers distinct advantages as well. 


Hiring an in-house renewals team can strain an organization’s annual recurring revenue due to administrative burdens, the complexity of the renewal process, and the number of support roles required. By partnering with VariaCode, you can build a scalable renewals team more quickly and with a cultural fit, all at a competitive cost compared to hiring and retaining your own in-house team. 


Allowing VariaCode to manage your contract renewals ensures ongoing business stability for your customers. We help you retain top-quality talent and free up valuable time to focus on core business activities. Additionally, we act as your corporate recruiter, ready to fill positions promptly in the event of someone leaving, ensuring your operations continue seamlessly.

Tailored career structures

When you partner with VariaCode, our talent recruitment strategy involves crafting tailored career paths. We align the individual aspirations of recruits with our clients’ needs. This helps to ensure that our employees want to remain a part of your team. It’s not about filling an empty job slot for us—it’s about fulfilling lives. 


VariaCode seeks to be a global leader among staffing agencies specialized in tech companies. Contract renewals are a major part of that process.

Contact us today to discuss your subscription and contract renewal needs, and experience the difference of working with VariaCode as your trusted corporate recruiter.