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Renewal Managers

VariaCode, a nearshore outsourcing company, connects leading businesses with exceptional bilingual Latin American talent, including customer success managers. We match people with companies where we know they will be happy to work, making each organization more successful. 


We are committed to innovative talent management and plan to launch a tech platform that will refine our unique approach to talent integration and performance evaluation even further.

Outsourcing contract renewals

Contract renewals often provide a source of stress and challenge to your management team, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can outsource renewals to specialized experts who excel in sales tactics, contract negotiation, and service management. 


Whatever works best for your organization, our expert managers have the skills and knowledge to take care of you.

Maximizing talent retention

Talent retention typically saves time and money. It’s easier to work with people who already know their jobs, and when you find amazing personnel, you want to keep them. 

Our expert renewal managers understand the value of retention, and it’s why we focus so hard on finding ways to keep your best workers while taking care of the company.

Annual Retention Rate
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Our team boasts an annual 98% retention rate – With our expertise, you can pursue similar numbers to enjoy the highest benefits of talent retention.

High experienced talent

Expertise in negotiation

Our renewal managers understand your industry deeply. They take the time to know how you operate and what makes your business special. They also understand the range of options you have for accomplishing goals. 


By exploring offshore outsourcing software development, our renewal managers bring more to the table, empowering negotiations to present what is best for the company while taking care of your prized talent.

Managing turnover with acquisition

Sometimes, the best move is to let people go and not renew their contracts. In many cases, you still need to replace them with capable experts. Talent acquisition maintains the quality of your staff even through change. With options including nearshore outsourcing companies and offshore counterparts, you have access to the talent you need, when you need it, where you need it. If contract renewals are weighing you down

If contract renewals are weighing you down, it’s time to get some help – You can contact VariaTalent today to see exactly what help we can offer.