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One of the primary challenges in software development is staffing. It’s hard to find great people, and when you do, it can be just as difficult to keep them. 


That makes contract renewals feel like navigating a minefield, as you strive to build up the team without overcommitting and sinking the company in the process. It might be easier if you sought out specialized help. 


You can work with dedicated renewal managers who work solely on contract renewals and negotiations. They can help you build your business the way you envision it, free from the weight of challenging negotiations.

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Staffing at VariaCode and VariaTalent

We ensure your organization has the right people in the right roles, so you can achieve strategic goals and fulfill your operational needs. We have a 14-day process, which also depends on your interview loop. Our company provides filtered and well-qualified candidates.


VariaCode offers hassle-free recruiting, selection and onboarding processes through our dedicated talent acquisition team. We have a bank of over 10,000 candidates to choose from, and our retention rate is more than 98 percent. VariaCode can achieve this high rate of retention because we use specific job-level searches to maximize accuracy.

Not all IT recruiting companies are the same.


Choose VariaCode for its proven track record and a partnership that goes beyond recruitment—one that ensures the well-being and satisfaction of your team while driving your organization’s success.

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Choosing VariaCode for Your Human Strategy for Growth

Our talent seeks to rise above the basics of a job. Potential employees are on the same track as our company—they strive to help grow your teams, align culture and bring their motivated expertise to your business. They want to grow with you. 


We’re committed to transcending geographical, cultural, and social boundaries while offering a career structure that’s aligned with your needs and tailored to each individual’s aspirations. We develop a deep understanding of your objectives so that we can connect you with the right customer success managers and other talent.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

While IT recruiting firms can find talent, most do not make these commitments and cannot provide you with a 98 percent retention rate. 


At VariaCode, we don’t just envision your company’s successful future—we help design it. Because technology and talent seamlessly converge, we can help you forge prosperous alliances with talent looking for the same.

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How We Unlock the Tech Experience at VariaCode

We create tailored career structures by crafting personalized career paths for customer success managers. We align each individual’s aspirations with your requirements to fulfill both the talent’s needs and yours.


We weave your objectives into the fabric of our talents’ personal motivators to help fuel professional and personal growth. VariaCode is a launchpad for career growth, as we are constantly reinventing our approach while our clients’ needs evolve. We value and motivate talent as part of our collective vision.

When you search for IT recruiting companies, look at VariaCode, a company that paves the way for a brighter, interconnected tech industry with real and measurable business growth.

We have the methodology needed to match people with organizations, an effective approach to performance evaluation, the necessary amount of visibility, team management and development, responsiveness, the right analytics and reporting, and a top-notch customer experience. 


If you’re ready to take your company to the next level, your search for IT recruiting firms ends here. Use our experience and leverage our industry knowledge to transform your talent strategy into reality. Take your business to the next level with VariaCode.

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Key Benefits of Choosing VariaCode

Over 98% retention rate through specific job-level searches and personalized career paths.

Access to a bank of over 10,000 highly qualified candidates.

Commitment to launching a tech platform for refined talent integration and performance evaluation.

Talent that transcends boundaries and aligns with your organizational culture and goals.

Choose VariaCode for a partnership that goes beyond recruitment to ensure the well-being and satisfaction of your team and drive your organization’s success.