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Having the right IT talent is critical for your business to succeed. Variacode Staff Augmentation Services guarantee experience, skills, and flexibility. We help you grow your business and shorten the recruitment process. We facilitate hiring top talent to fill today's sought-after IT roles.

We can help you to:

Bridge the talent gap

If your organization is looking to augment a dedicated development team to meet specific requirements for your project.

Strengthen your team

With our IT staff augmentation service. Your organization can upscale and better prepare the existing IT staff.

Get Specialized Skills

The business wants to extend the existing IT team with specific skills and experienced resources.

But, what is IT Staff Augmentation?

IT Staff Augmentation allows your organization to add extra talent to your team. Your business can immediately find the right fit for hard-to-fill or temporary positions, which boosts scalability and efficiency. IT Staff Augmentation adds the extra talent needed to boost your projects and help you to grow and innovate.

Companies use IT Staff Augmentation to reach their goals faster and costeffectively. Thanks to IT staffing, any organization can bypass every speed bump related to sourcing, recruiting, and retaining talented engineers


Kick-off meeting:
We define the position's business goal and the job description. We work on defining the regular tasks, responsibilities, required skills, abilities, and work time zone. We also define the number of interviews, the process, possible tests and challenges, and acceptance criteria. In this meeting, we also agreed on the communication channel, the responsibilities of each party, and the contact method.

Job Posting & Candidate Search:
We post the job on different platforms to get new candidates. We also use our internal database to look for possible matches for the position. We start our hunting process to find the talent


Candidate Selection:
You will work with all those candidates that are a good fit for your organization. Once you select the candidate you need, the recruiting process ends, and the Staff Augmentation Services starts.

Applicant Tracking & Status meetings:
Once we get candidates, we begin with the interview loop and possible tests. We give you weekly updates on the process, candidates, and interview feedback and provide all the candidates who passed our initial screening.

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