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Consultancy services: Let's discuss your new amazing product or service. We have seasoned specialists ready to discuss new technologies, scaling, modern stacks, and maintainable Software that grows & enables your success. We perform reengineering in technological architectures that do not support the aggressive growth of your services.



Agile & Test Driven Development:
Web platforms: We design and develop web systems, from transactional services to Web sites.
Mobile apps
Legacy systems updates, upgrades, and migrations.
Techs and tools: HTML5, JS, Bootstrap, React, Vue, REST, Swagger, Java 8+, Groovy, Android, iOS, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, and several others



Consultancy Services & IT Automation Services: We help you optimize your IT processes, configure your IT automation tool and tasks (we can provide one!), develop self and automate CI/CD/ETLs.service tasks, We implement Rundeck, Jenkins, Kubernetes, Atlassian products, and many more!


IT SUPPORT Committed to Quality:

Our company’s established reputation as an international IT service provider is down to our commitment to first class service delivery. We provide 24x7x365 fully managed Bilingual Senior IT Support in every time z to respond to virtual issues. Let's talk about getting you this unparalleled support experience


Rundeck and PagerDuty Process
Automation Implementation
Consultancy & Implementation:

We have been working with Rundeck (now  PagerDuty Process Automation)  since the beginning of their days, this is an excellent IT automation & runbook! Maximize Your Existing Skills and Tools. Rundeck doesn’t replace what you’ve got; Rundeck makes it better. Easy to Integrate. Leverage existing plugins, plus it’s trivial to make your own. Enterprise Support Is Ready to Help Call upon our roster of experts to help you make tomorrow better than today. 


Sales Prospecting, Lead Generation, and Renewals Services

We help you to conquer new markets and protect your revenue. Variacode can help you maintain an ongoing relationship with prospects and clients we have accompanied and supported over the years until they have succeeded.
Thanks to effective networking, commitment, and experience, we have become strategic business partners of US companies, whom we also support in opening new markets in Latin America.
As business leaders, we understand the legal, technical, cultural, and social challenges of initiating healthy and profitable business processes in new horizons.


                                        IT CYBERSECURITY SERVICES

Variacode offers services to assess the efficiency of cybersecurity and resilience controls to support your operational o bjectives and business strategies. We help you to keep focused on protecting your corporate image and reputation. We offer a Cybersecurity Assessment that provides a clear picture of your response capabilities, advising organizations to understand how, where, and why to invest in cybersecurity management.

The service consists of a cybersecurity maturity assessment report about the ISO 27.001 standard, a cybersecurity strategy document, and an action plan to mitigate the most relevant cyber risk and cybersecurity gaps. Each of the deliverables is aligned with your business objectives considering costs and benefits.

The ISO 27.001 standard integrates cybersecurity best practices in organizations. The standard provides risk management guidelines that help organizations identify, implement and improve cybersecurity practices. We help you to create a common language for internal and external communication of cybersecurity issues.
Why ISO 27.001?

Delivers a clear, strategic view of the company's information security.
Facilitates security processes to be balanced and coordinated with each other.
It implements methodologies that contribute to mitigating risks and increasing information security.
It favors compliance with the legal requirements demanded by the control entities.
Generates added value for services and products.
Allows cost reduction thanks to the efficiency used.
Enables the activation of alerts in case of any suspicious activity.
Allows monitoring of security controls.
Protects corporate image and reputation.

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