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Jenkins is an open-source automation tool with plugins built for Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery and deployment of software or web application. 


With Jenkins, organizations can accelerate the software development process through automation. Jenkins integrates development life-cycle processes of all test, package, stage, deploy, static analysis, and complete package creation of currently developing software.


Jenkins achieves Continuous Integration with the help of plugins. Plugins allow the integration of Various DevOps stages. If you want to integrate a particular tool, you need to install the plugins for that tool. For example Git, Amazon EC2, HTML publisher, etc.


Variacode can help you to implement continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery or continuous deployment (CD) on any of your applications using Jenkins.


We can Integrate security scans: "Static Application SecurityTesting” (SAST) and "Dynamic application security testing" (DAST) with Jenkins to increase your application's security and code quality level. 


We have industry experience on the following Configuration Items:

  • Jenkins as a (Service, Tomcat, On Docker Container)

  • Source Control Management (SCM) Trigger on Commit/Merge Request, Trigger on specific Commit message, or Schedule.

  • Unit Test and Integration Test and publish.

  • Performance Test.

  • SonarQube for Code quality and SAST.

  • Checkmarx with Jenkins.

  • Multi Git branch with a single project.

  • Post Build action to send Emails with git changes, unit/intergeneration test results.


We have been using Jenkins for years and we can help you to implement this amazing tool in your organization.

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