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IT Due Diligence Consulting

Performing IT Due Diligence prior to an investment has become an essential step to ensure better valuation, financial modeling, and risk mitigation. The primary objective of an IT due diligence is to determine if there are insurmountable risks which could impact the transaction or post-transaction integration. The depth and focus of the due diligence should be tailored to the goals of the transaction, and this emphasis is usually focused on the investment series. For example in seed or Series A it is in the construction of the product or service and its potential, in Series A / B / C the focus is on growth, scalability and capabilities to adapt. In C / D series, expansion and maturation of the product or service are sought and the focus is usually on maintainability and compliance with regulations and standards.

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Evaluate IT strategy, including processes, roadmap, support structure and team of people, with alignment with business objectives.


Identify operational improvements, cost saving opportunities and automation.


Assess the ability to integrate processes and other systems.


Assess the health of the IT infrastructure to determine the ability to scale, integrate, or maintain current operational demands.


Identify single points of failure that require mitigation.


Identify hidden IT costs or technical debt that result in a more expensive operating model than expected.

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